He sells 28 bottles of 18-year-old whiskey to afford a house

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A man whose father gave him 18-year-old whiskey every year for his birthday is selling his collection to buy a house.

Helpful gifts.Matthew Robson, from Taunton, England, born in 1992, received a bottle of Macallan single malt from his father every year, reports the BBC.accumulated 28 bottles of whiskey, totaling 5,000 pounds or approximately 5,500 euros.Today, Matthew Robson has decided to part with his collection, which is on sale at 40,000 pounds (approximately 45,000 euros).

While the young man acknowledges that "it probably wasn't" the best gift for a little boy, he always followed his father's strict instructions to "never open them" and do his best to keep them in perfect condition .

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The first bottle of whiskey from 1974 was bought to "wet the baby's head," says his father, Pete, from Milnathort, Scotland."I thought it would be interesting if I bought one every year and he finds himself with 18 bottles of whiskey for his 18th birthday ", he explains, while specifying that his son had obviously received other gifts from him.

Posted Date: 2020-10-05

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